United Shapes | 2017 Our team was hard a work last season putting our line to the test. From backcountry jumps to banked slaloms and street riding, we've got a shape for everything. Featuring: Felix Mobarg Zander Blackmon Gray Thompson Hannah Eddy Christian Connors Brynn Hayes Curtis Woodman |

Footage from Warp Wave's AURORA BOARDEALIS

Cinematography: Sam Tuor Sean Kerrick Sullivan Mia Lambson Gray Thompson Kyle Schwartz Kieth Rutherford

Photography: Kieth Rutherford Mikey Leblanc (Cover photo)

Music: Cushing "Missile Command" Curse of Cushing https://cushingsound.bandcamp.com


The 2017 United Shapes Cadet features an all new core developed by Gray. Poplar and Bamboo run from tip to tail, with an all new flax material inlayed around inserts for added durability and dampening. Watch Gray Thompson test out the new A11X core at Mammoth Mountain. Filmed By: Kyle Schwartz Special Thanks: Scott Blum

The United Shapes Explorer Series. Team Tested, Team Approved.

Featuring the Horizon 147, Voyager 153 and Deep Reach 159

Footage Courtesy of: Warp Wave and Mia Lambson

The all new United Shapes Gemini Series. Twin Shape, Directional Camber, Enhanced Performance.

Ridden by Shapesters Zander Blackmon and Christian Connors.

Footage curteousy of: Tyler Orton and Sam Jorgensen

Secret Mountain Slalom. A creation between man and nature snakes through the serene forest of Secret Mountain. Gray and Felix navigate the slalom's flowing banks searching for rhythm through gravity and turns.

Cinematographer: Kyle Schwartz

Riders: Felix Mobarg & Gray Thompson

Felix Mobarg speaks on Flow, Soccer, Influences, and more. Watch him skate, watch him ride.

Cinematographer: Gray Thompson

The all new United Shapes Orbit Series. The Ultimate Resort Riding vehicle. Increased Width, Reduced Running Length.

Ridden By Shapesters Gray Thompson and Felix Mobarg.

Photos and Footage Courtesy of: GP Martin and Warp Wave

The United Shapes Cadet Series. Any terrain, Any Condition. Deep Pow, Deep Carves, Maximum Airtime.

Cadet 144, Cadet 156, Cadet 162

Ridden By Shapesters Brynn Hayes, Gray Thompson, Hannah Eddy, and Felix Mobarg

Footage courtesy of: Kyle Schwartz and Warp Wave

Lemuria. Legend says it is a sacred place, a portal into another dimension of the universe. We sent Felix and Gray to explore the Lemurian mountain, to search for signs of life and insights into another dimension. With snowboards as their vessels, they navigated Lemuria in style, chasing one another down the rolling, volcanic terrain and into the dark, dense forests that surround the mountain. With cinematographer Sam Tuor along for the ride, they returned home with moving images of the powerful mountain, covered in snow and cast in sunlight.  

Cinematographer: Sam Tuor

Riders: Gray Thompson & Felix Mobarg