All United Shapes boards are pressed with positive camber and an early rise nose in order to optimize response and superior float in all conditions. 

We utilize varying degrees of taper across the line to enhance float in deep snow and create a true directional feel. 

Our 12+2 insert pack allows the rider to set their stance far back from center for unique ride properties in super deep snow.

All boards feature a full-length wood core. We've developed and refined model-specific core profiling to enhance each series' unique ride properties.

Pre-cured carbon fiber stringers are strategically placed to balance torsional and longitudinal flexes.

Flax inserts on select models create additional impact resistance and dampening.

Traditional sidewall construction for proven durability and performance.

Our brand new Horizon series boards feature a single-piece, pigment-dyed, urethane sidewall.

Top of the line, sintered P-Tex 4000 bases for speed, durability, wax-retention, and easy repair.

Factory-detuned, 48 Rockwell Hardness full-wrap steel edges

100% VOC free environmentally-friendly epoxies

Factory finished with 100% non-toxic, and flurocarbon-free soy-based wax

Direct-print topsheets for clarity and weight savings.

Splitboards utilize a sublimated nylon topsheet for superior durability and come stock with Karakoram's newest and best clip system for stability and ease of use.

United Shapes snowboards are manufactured in a state of the art, snowboard-specific facility in China, with the best materials sourced from all over the world

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