Unearth new landscapes.

High mountain bowls of pristine snow. Steep, walled in chutes. Quiet glades in a winter storm. The heart and soul of snowboarding- just you, your board, and the mountain.

Felix Mobarg | Chamonix, Fr | Gray Thompson

Felix Mobarg | Chamonix, Fr | Gray Thompson


"My Covert Splitboard has taken me to some special places this year. This board is the perfect balance of reliable rigidity and playful flex. It took me around my backyard of Tahoe, for work and play. Dipped into the Carson Pass area and down to the Eastern Sierra a bit. Spent two months in Shasta this spring; early summer surfing the corn on my days off. We rode Mt. Hood on our way up to Rainier, and made it to Rainier National Park with a bluebird day to scope our route. Toured the Emmons Glacier, as planned, safely and successfully. Topping out with light winds, mild temps, and surprisingly good snow conditions was a dream come true." 

"Slow down, look up, look around, take it all in. The moment, the scenery, and potential hazards. The things I focus on when split boarding is what brings me into a sort of meditative state that I crave, constantly. The places you can go with your own two feet continues to motivate me to keep pushing uphill and forward. Then, of course - you get the thrill of the down.  The variability you may encounter keeps it all exciting and I find myself living by the saying- you don't know 'til you go. Explore more, keep moving, and surf the Earth!"     Tailer Spinney, Splitboarder @tailergray