Felix Mobarg speaks on Flow, Soccer, Influences, and more. Watch him skate, watch him ride. 

Lemuria. Legend says it is a sacred place, a portal into another dimension of the universe. We sent Felix and Gray to explore the Lemurian mountain, to search for signs of life and insights into another dimension. With snowboards as their vessels, they navigated Lemuria in style, chasing one another down the rolling, volcanic terrain and into the dark, dense forests that surround the mountain. With cinematographer Sam Tuor along for the ride, they returned home with moving images of the powerful mountain, covered in snow and cast in sunlight. This, is Lemuria. www.snowboardmag.com Music: "Favelas" | Saib | https://saibeats.bandcamp.com "Animals garden" | Klaus Layer Filmed by Sam Tuor Featuring Felix Mobarg and Gray Thompson More at Unitedshapes.us @unitedshapes

United Shapes presents | Secret Mountain Slalom

A creation between man and nature snakes through the serene forest of Secret Mountain. Gray and Felix navigate the slalom's flowing banks searching for rhythm through gravity and turns.

Cinematographer: Kyle Schwartz 

UNITED SHAPES presents The Space Cadet

Designed by Gray Thompson 

TERASU presents Uncommon Visions | United Shapes

“It’s becoming more personal where people are focusing on the feelings that they get when they turn their snowboard or when they’re out hiking through nature and there’s snow on the trees; [it’s] just those connections.” –Gray Thompson

Full story and photos  http://terasulife.com/uncommon-visions-united-shapes/